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About Us

Our aim is to serve our community better, helping with fresh daily essentials supply and community oriented programs is our first step in this direction.

Features launched and idea behind them:-

  • Fresh Vegetables & Fruits, Milk, Bakery, Newspaper etc. items supply on daily basis at nominal cost.

    Fresh Milk Delivery : Morning 8 am / Evening 7 PM Daily
    Fresh Vegetables & Fruits: Around 12:30 Afternoon Daily
    To stay ecofriendly we insist on minimum usage of Polythene and encourage usage of Jute Bags, Biodgradable/reusable packaging.
  • Fresh Cooked/Baked Food.

    Pizza: Fresh made Veg & Non Veg delicious pizza for Lunch (Weekends Only)
    Cake: Birthday, Anniversary, Party, etc occasional fresh baked cakes available.

Start Up Community :- We encourage people to come together using this as a meeting platform, people who share common ideas, investers, service providers. Also we would always try our best to assist at our best.

Carpooling :- People share common commuting route can utilize their money & time wisely by carpooling.

Health is Wealth, Ayurveda The way of Life :- Our great Ancesters/Sages was kind enough to share precious and abundant knowlege of Universal Truth among them is Ayurveda teaches Us The Way to Live our life. Life is the greated gift by almighty GOD. We should learn these Sutras and if possibly adapt them to make our Life worth Living.

Community Cleanliness, Awareness programs, Yoga, Fitness exercises :- As we all Know the importance of maintaining balance in Nature, keeping it clean andd green will ultimately gives Us the Life we dream about. As in this context Aaray is not less than heaven comparing it to city life. Encouraging people to initiate Free Yoga sessions, evening walks, festival celebrations, etc.

We are very thankful for giving Us an opportuninty to assist You, also if You like to share the same with Your neighbours & Friends kindly suggest them to use this app.

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